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United Way’s Biggest Moments of 2016

What a year! Together we’ve helped more families keep a roof over their heads, more kids arrive to school prepared, and more people find the help they need. Together we’ve changed the lives of more than one million people in our region. Here’s a recap of some of United Way’s biggest moments of 2016:Continue Reading

2-1-1 is Here to Help

February 11 is National 2-1-1 Day and a perfect time to remind loved ones about the resources available through United Way 2-1-1, as well as lawmakers, funders and community leaders why no one in the region can go without this critical resource. United…Continue Reading

Hope in Ferguson

For the past two days, United Way and several of our local partners opened a Community Resource Drop-In Center to help the residents affected by the recent events in Ferguson. Residents arrived early and packed every corner of the Dellwood Community Center.…Continue Reading

Helping Ferguson

More than 300 people attended United Way’s Community Resource Drop-in Center on Saturday, August 16 for hot meals, food staples, basic needs assistance, and activities for the children. Families came with stories of feeling trapped inside their own homes, of trying to put their kids to bed to the sounds of horns blaring and voices over megaphones, of losing jobs because they couldn’t get to the work, of being under constant stress.Continue Reading

United Way 2-1-1: Changing Lives Everyday

With a soothing voice, United Way 2-1-1 Call Center Agent George West answers the phone. A middle-aged woman explains her situation through sobs. Her husband abused her. For years she dismissed it, hoped it would stop, but it never did. She needed out but had…Continue Reading