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Head Start Classrooms Learn the Importance of Saving

United Way believes in educating the whole family about financial stability. That is why, for the last two years, the A.S.S.E.T. Project, a United Way matched savings program for Head Start families, has partnered with COUNTRY Financial to provide a Money Smart Kids Read event to Head Start children at United Way member agencies, including Grace Hill Settlement House and YWCA of Metro St. Louis. Continue Reading

Grow Your Savings with this Simple Worksheet

Plain and simple: chances are you’re losing money. While your big expenses – housing, utilities, food, car payments, general debt – cannot simply go away, there are smaller things we tend to mindlessly spend on that are wants, not needs. Totaling all these expenses will provide you with a realistic number to determine just how much you are able to save. By making a few changes to your everyday life, you can stash away a bit more cash over the course of a year.Continue Reading

5 Free Classes for Financial Independence

Are you money smart? The fact is we all could use a little help when it comes to managing our finances. Money doesn’t come with instructions, and that’s why banks, credit unions, businesses, schools, libraries, and non-profit organizations, like United Way of Greater St. Louis, are joining together to help support financial education during the third annual St. Louis Money Smart Week.
Below are just five of the nearly 30 classes being offered for kids and adults across the St. Louis region this Friday and Saturday, April 24 and 25. Best of all – they’re free!Continue Reading

7 Smart Money Habits to Start Today

If you’re like most people, saving is a challenge. Although cutting out little expenses that can add up over time are helpful, you don’t have to give up your daily latte addiction to save a bit of extra dough. There are plenty of ways to save without sacrificing a ton. Here are seven, just to name a few.Continue Reading

7 Not-So-Obvious Ways to $ave

With fall comes purchasing school supplies for the kiddos, firing up the furnace and kick starting your holiday shopping – all which can add up quickly. While there are some expenses you can’t avoid, there are quite a few you can. Here are 7 of our staff’s favorite ways to save a bit of dough (some of which you probably haven’t thought of!):Continue Reading

Free Tax Preparation

Another year has come and gone, and you know what that means — tax season. For some, tax season means worry, stress and a million questions from “How do I do them?” to “How can I afford for someone to…Continue Reading