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Father Knows Best

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and we want to thank fathers, grandfathers and father figures everywhere for their wise words. Whether it’s “ask your mother”, “work hard” or “live everyday to the fullest” – it’s words like these that have helped shape us into the people we are today. And for that, we want to say: thanks, Dad!Continue Reading

What’s the Best Piece of Advice You’ve Ever Received?

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and we want to thank mothers and inspiring females everywhere for the words of encouragement and life lessons they’ve instilled in us that have helped mold us into the people we are today. When it comes to giving advice, mothers seem to be the golden-ticket holders. After all, it’s been said countless times before: mother knows best!

We asked United Way staff members to share the advice from the notable females in their lives. Here’s what they said:Continue Reading

A Lesson In Firsts

Which side do I choose? Why can’t I be happy? These are the questions written by children in several shades of crayon that fill the hallways of United Way supported Kids In The Middle. Each truthful phrase accompanied by drawings…Continue Reading