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Where They Are Now: Lauretta

Do you remember Lauretta Treppler? Lauretta was one of United Way’s video stars from 2008. She was diagnosed with cerebellar atrophy, a condition that affects comprehension, speech and mobility. Today, she’s thriving as a freshman at Fort Zumwalt East High School in St. Peters, Missouri…Continue Reading

Help and Healing Through Therapy

More than 40 years of abuse left Yvette lost. She had never experienced a healthy relationship. She viewed herself as powerless, unworthy and unable to escape. With guidance from a United Way-supported agency, she found the strength the break the cycle of abuse and empower other women to do the same.Continue Reading

5 Ways Your Support Betters Our Region

Because of you, this year’s United Way campaign raised more for our community than ever before. Because of you, more people will find the help they need. Because of you, our community will continue to grow and thrive. Because of you, more people will live their best possible lives.

Here’s a glimpse at how your support positively impacts our community today, tomorrow and well into the future:Continue Reading

5 Keys to Living Your Best Possible Life

Helping people. It’s our mission. It’s our purpose. It’s what we do.

With your support, we provide food and shelter, foster learning, improve health, establish financial stability and strengthen communities for the entire St. Louis region, all to help people live their best possible lives.

Here are five ways you can live your best possible life:Continue Reading

“Lupus is what I have, not who I am”

31-year-old DeVonshae awoke to a nightmare of nausea, fever, fatigue and severe joint pain. After eight years without an answer, she received her diagnosis – lupus. Devastated, DeVonshae fell into a depression before discovering the United Way supported Lupus Foundation of America, Heartland Chapter. There, she received the education, encouragement and empowerment she needed to continue fighting to live her best possible life.Continue Reading

How to Create a Weekly Meal Plan

While it does take a little time and planning on the front end, creating a weekly meal plan will help you better manage your money, cut down on wasted food, eliminate buying ingredients you already have and reduce the stress of not knowing what’s for dinner. You may even find your household eating healthier and eliminating fast food from your diet.Continue Reading

The Benefits of Organization

I consider myself to be a fairly organized person – at work and home. It’s refreshing to know that if I need something, I can almost reach for it with my eyes closed because I know exactly where it is. This saves me time and anxiety. But did you know de-cluttering your life can reap several other benefits? Continue Reading