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5 Items Donation Centers Need Most This Season

This time of year, we invite you to spread the gift of giving past your circle of friends and family. Think community-wide. It’s true, donation centers are grateful for most any contribution a person gives. But did you know there are several items that most of us use on a daily basis but don’t think to donate? Here are five:Continue Reading

5 Not-So-Obvious Things to be Thankful for

When asked what you’re most thankful for, you’d probably answer family, friends, food or shelter. But what about life’s not-so-obvious pleasures that bring a bit of sunshine to our lives?

We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite little things we may overlook on a daily basis. We like to think of them as tiny doses of happiness that are right under our noses:Continue Reading

5 Ways Your Support Betters Our Region

Because of you, this year’s United Way campaign raised more for our community than ever before. Because of you, more people will find the help they need. Because of you, our community will continue to grow and thrive. Because of you, more people will live their best possible lives.

Here’s a glimpse at how your support positively impacts our community today, tomorrow and well into the future:Continue Reading

5 Reasons Being a Donor Rocks

Plain and simple, we love our donors. Our community is a better, stronger, healthier place to live, work and thrive because of them. Without them, we couldn’t do it. There are a multitude of reasons to become a giver if you aren’t already – here are just a few:Continue Reading