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Helping Ferguson Update

Following November’s civil unrest, United Way 2-1-1 recognized the most pressing and emerging need in the impacted neighborhoods was lack of food. To respond to this need, on Sunday, December 7, United Way 2-1-1, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, St. Louis Foodbank, Church of the Nazarene and Better Family Life distributed 25,214 pounds of food to more than 500 families in Ferguson and the surrounding neighborhoods.Continue Reading

4 Ways You Can Help in Ferguson

Over the last week, we’ve received numerous inquiries about how to help those impacted by the recent unrest in their neighborhoods. Here are three ways you can get involved now to help those in need: Donate food and supplies.  Food…Continue Reading

Carmie’s Story

For many Ferguson residents living around the Canfield Green apartments, financial hardships and stress already were part of daily life. When the neighborhood experienced looting and civil unrest, the struggling community was thrust into turmoil. Carmie, a single mom who…Continue Reading

Embracing Our Common Humanity

Our region at this moment is challenged to deal with some very sensitive and complex issues. Some have drawn early conclusions that Ferguson is the focus. Many others see Ferguson as a symbol and a symptom of greater challenges. This characterization seems reasonable to me and resonates with me. When you sit in the middle like we at United Way do, you must start by recognizing we all have different realities and world views. And still we must embrace our common humanity. We have painful lessons from the past where we have not sought to understand challenges born by others that we don’t experience. When we as people can summarily reduce any other person or group, whether they are perceived as powerful or marginalized, to being “other” we lose.Continue Reading

Hope in Ferguson

For the past two days, United Way and several of our local partners opened a Community Resource Drop-In Center to help the residents affected by the recent events in Ferguson. Residents arrived early and packed every corner of the Dellwood Community Center.…Continue Reading

Three Ways You Can Help Ferguson

The St. Louis region is known for its generosity, so it’s no surprise that United Way has received many inquiries into how people can help those impacted by the upheaval in Ferguson. Here are three ways you can get involved…Continue Reading

Helping Ferguson

More than 300 people attended United Way’s Community Resource Drop-in Center on Saturday, August 16 for hot meals, food staples, basic needs assistance, and activities for the children. Families came with stories of feeling trapped inside their own homes, of trying to put their kids to bed to the sounds of horns blaring and voices over megaphones, of losing jobs because they couldn’t get to the work, of being under constant stress.Continue Reading