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High School Students Give Back on Global Youth Service Day!

“I’M STARTING WITH THE MAN IN THE MIRROR!” sang a chorus of high-schoolers, crescendoing into the refrain of one of Michael Jackson’s most beloved singles. An hour ago, the United Way of Greater St. Louis had been filled with the silence of a typical Saturday, but now, the singing, laughter, and playful banter that tend to accompany teenage service projects brought the building to life.Continue Reading

Celebrating #AmeriCorpsWeek

AmeriCorps members nationwide are celebrating “wearing the A” during AmeriCorps Week which is March 6-10 this year. We at ServiceWorks are also celebrating the ability to build capacity for the future of our college and career development program in St. Louis.Continue Reading

Make a Difference Day: 25th Anniversary

The idea that anyone can make a difference is a concept that most people do not apply to themselves. There is a thought that someone else needs to attach value to your life before you are able to influence others or change the world. Changing this thought and enabling citizens to actively impact their communities for the better are the ultimate goals of Make a Difference Day. Continue Reading

Celebrate AmeriCorps Week with Us

All week, AmeriCorps members around the nation will be celebrating “wearing the A,” meaning we wear our AmeriCorps badges and polos proudly in service to America. AmeriCorps Week is recognized nationally from March 7-11. During this time, we celebrate that we serve, reflect on why we serve, and join in community with other AmeriCorps members. Continue Reading

MLK Day: a day on, not off

For those of us in the National Service family, MLK Day is one of the year’s most exciting days of service. Not only do we have the opportunity to create projects that honor the life and legacy of Dr. King, but we get to work with large, enthusiastic groups of people from all over the nation, who feel inspired to offer their time and celebrate Dr. King with us.Continue Reading