Foster Learning - United Way of Greater St. Louis

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

United Way is committed to helping the whole child through the centers we support and through other programs and services that provide the building blocks for a strong start. We want to help every child learn, grow and succeed in school and life because when children succeed, our whole community succeeds.

United Way of Greater St. Louis helps:

  • Provide safe and nurturing environments that help prepare children for school through early childhood education, kindergarten readiness and early literacy
  • Protect and nurture children and youth through adoption, foster care and child advocacy services 
  • Create a sense of belonging and helps students feel invested in their futures through youth development and after-school programs, in-school and out-of-school life skills, leadership skills, academic skills and character development

Little but Mighty

When Tracey went into labor, she was only halfway through a typical full-term pregnancy. Due to prematurity, Gabe experienced a host of developmental delays, but with the help of a United Way supported agency, this lively five-year-old will be attending kindergarten this fall.

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