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Poverty will touch the majority of Americans at some point during their lives, even if only for a few months.

The good news is that poverty is not a fixed state. Roughly half of those who reach the poverty level will get out within a year. Whether it’s due to a family crisis, unemployment or a history of financial insecurity, United Way provides education, training and resources to help people break the cycle of poverty and become financially stable for the long run.

United Way of Greater St. Louis helps:

  • Increase income, build savings, grow assets and reduce debt, allowing people to work toward a goal such as stable housing, business, retirement or post-secondary education
  • Provide funding to support direct services, such as free tax preparation and earned income tax credit counseling, which helps families increase their income, pay bills and save money for an emergency fund

A Life Brought Full Circle

Growing up, Lucy faced many barriers to success in her impoverished community. She attended Head Start as a youth and later discovered United Way’s financial coaching program as part of the A.S.S.E.T. Project. Having been given the necessary tools to gain stable financial footing, she wanted to give back and help others gain the same level of confidence for success.

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