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Situation: Welcome to Carl’s home. Upon walking into the house, the entrance serves as a gateway to memories and moments that are priceless to Carl and his family. When Carl became a homeowner 50-plus years ago, he never thought that one day he could be forced out of his own home.

This nearly became Carl’s reality when he began suffering from neck issues and was hospitalized for six months after a neck surgery. His surgery and hospitalization left him in need of assistance with maneuvering in and out of his house.

How United Way helped: A United Way partner agency, Rebuilding Together SouthWestern Illinois, contacted Carl and ensured him that he could stay in his home.

Through the various skills of Rebuilding Together volunteers, homes are rehabilitated so residents can continue to live independently and comfortably with little outside assistance.

Rebuilding Together constructed a ramp attachment for Carl’s home that allowed him to enter and exit freely with his motor scooter. It also allowed him to rest easy knowing he was able to safeguard the precious memories of his family that his home brought.

“If it wasn’t for Rebuilding Together and United Way, I wouldn’t have this ramp,” Carl say


s about the organization funded by United Way since 1995. “If it wasn’t for them, I would be in a nursing home today.”

Today: With United Way’s help, Carl continues to take pride in his three children, six grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren—and the place they all know as home. Every inch of the house tells of laughter, family and love that can never be replaced.

“People will never realize how wonderful I felt, unless they went through this experience of turning on my street and seeing all of your family there in front of your house and a ramp built by these nice people.”

About Rebuilding Together: Rebuilding Together makes much-needed renovations and repairs to low-income homeowners—particularly the elderly or disabled—ensuring homeowners can live in a safe and functional home environment.


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