Staff Experts - United Way of Greater St. Louis
Orvin Kimbrough

President and CEO
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Angela Marino

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Expertise: Non-profit Marketing


Dayna Stock

Vice President, Regions and Special Initiatives
Expertise: United Way Regions (Tri-Cities Area Division, Southwest Illinois Division, Tri-County, Franklin County and Illinois Division)

Debbie Irwin

Community Economic Development Director
Expertise: Financial Stability and Independence Initiative, Financial Literacy and Education, Economic Advocacy Training, The Greater St. Louis Financial Education Collaborative and Money Smart Week

Dorianne Vogt

Vice President, Philanthropic & Donor Services
Expertise: Pledging, Pledge Processing, Online Campaigns

Emily Knippa

Director of Digital Engagement, Marketing and Communications
Expertise: Social Media, Digital Marketing

Erin Budde

Vice President, Strategic Giving and Innovation
Expertise: Corporate Social Responsibility

Evan Krauss

Director, East Side Aligned
Expertise: Faith Communities, Project and Volunteer Management, Collegiate Engagement, Program Design and Development, Community and Government Relations, East St. Louis Collective Impact

Julie Russell

Senior Vice President, Planning and Evaluation
Expertise: Outcomes Measurement, Data and Performance Management, Program Evaluation, Continuous Quality Improvement, Grantmaking and Social Investing, Strategic Planning and Execution

Regina Greer

Vice President, Community Response
Expertise: United Way 2-1-1, Disaster Response

Rick Skinner

Vice President, Volunteer Center
Expertise:  Regional Volunteering; Volunteer Programs, Management and Mobilization

Roz Sherman Voellinger

Vice President, Labor Participation
Expertise: Labor, Unions, Union Community Service Projects, AFL-CIO, information & referral, campaign

Wray Clay

Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion
Expertise: Collective Impact, Early Childhood Care and Education, Strategic Partnerships, Community Impact Partners, Allocations Process

Yinka Faleti

Senior Vice President, Philanthropic, Donor and Community Services
Expertise: Annual Fundraising Campaign

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