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How EITC is Helping Families

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a federal benefit designed to help low- to moderate-income workers by reducing personal tax liability and increasing the refund. If one meets the income requirements, the credit can help create financial stability by allowing recipients to use more of their earnings to take care of basic needs and increase savings. Continue Reading

Hope in the Wake of Tragedy

On a bitter cold December day, the Meramec River seeped into 61-year-old Linda’s mobile home.

Little did she know rain would fall until it met her chest, until her floors buckled and her paneling split, until her washer and freezer choked with water, until her memories and house of 13 years were destroyed.Continue Reading

Where They Are Now: Lauretta

Do you remember Lauretta Treppler? Lauretta was one of United Way’s video stars from 2008. She was diagnosed with cerebellar atrophy, a condition that affects comprehension, speech and mobility. Today, she’s thriving as a freshman at Fort Zumwalt East High School in St. Peters, Missouri…Continue Reading

Where They Are Now: Tyrin

If you’re a longtime United Way giver, you may remember Tyrin. Tryin Rencher was one of United Way’s video stars from 2007. Now, five years into his teaching, we had the chance to catch up with the 36-year-old to get a glimpse into his day-to-day life, passion for teaching and future plans.Continue Reading

Help and Healing Through Therapy

More than 40 years of abuse left Yvette lost. She had never experienced a healthy relationship. She viewed herself as powerless, unworthy and unable to escape. With guidance from a United Way-supported agency, she found the strength the break the cycle of abuse and empower other women to do the same.Continue Reading

Reaching Her Potential

Growing up, Candice’s mom wanted to provide every opportunity possible for her daughter to achieve higher education. With Candice’s drive and determination, United Way supported College Bound helped take her vision from a possibility to a reality.Continue Reading