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Embracing Our Common Humanity

Our region at this moment is challenged to deal with some very sensitive and complex issues. Some have drawn early conclusions that Ferguson is the focus. Many others see Ferguson as a symbol and a symptom of greater challenges. This characterization seems reasonable to me and resonates with me. When you sit in the middle like we at United Way do, you must start by recognizing we all have different realities and world views. And still we must embrace our common humanity. We have painful lessons from the past where we have not sought to understand challenges born by others that we don’t experience. When we as people can summarily reduce any other person or group, whether they are perceived as powerful or marginalized, to being “other” we lose.Continue Reading

A Symbol for Progress

By Orv Kimbrough Symbols are everywhere. Each state has a flower and bird to call its own. Symbols also have inherent value—the smell of a flower, the beauty of a bird in flight. And they have meaning for what they…Continue Reading

I See Hope

By Orv Kimbrough Sometimes we’re faced with problems so large they seem impossible to face. Many people whose lives we’ve touched over the years have told me that their problems – whether health-related, career-related, family-related or otherwise – seemed to…Continue Reading

Hope in Ferguson

For the past two days, United Way and several of our local partners opened a Community Resource Drop-In Center to help the residents affected by the recent events in Ferguson. Residents arrived early and packed every corner of the Dellwood Community Center.…Continue Reading

Reimagining our future

By Orv Kimbrough As a servant of this region who’s lived, worked, and studied in many different environments, I am sensitive to the issues facing our region. And as I reflect on the work of my predecessors, I’m mindful that…Continue Reading

The price of indifference

By Orv Kimbrough I feel incredibly fortunate that ordinary people “collectively” did small and large things that helped me to get to the point in life where I perceived that I had something to give back. I am keenly aware…Continue Reading