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4 Ways to Help Families in Need this Tax Season

Tax season is a stressful time for many people. Families with a modest income may also have the added burden of finding a tax preparer that fits within their budget. Gateway EITC Community Coalition is recruiting volunteers that have tax knowledge, good computer skills and friendly dispositions to volunteer now through mid-April to help ease the financial hardships for families. Here are four ways you can help:Continue Reading

How you can support those affected by the recent hurricanes

There are several emergency response organizations already in the area helping with the immediate needs of the victims. Many of these agencies, such as American Red Cross and Salvation Army, are supported by our local United Way and able to respond in times of large scale disaster because of your United Way support. Continue Reading

High School Students Give Back on Global Youth Service Day!

“I’M STARTING WITH THE MAN IN THE MIRROR!” sang a chorus of high-schoolers, crescendoing into the refrain of one of Michael Jackson’s most beloved singles. An hour ago, the United Way of Greater St. Louis had been filled with the silence of a typical Saturday, but now, the singing, laughter, and playful banter that tend to accompany teenage service projects brought the building to life.Continue Reading

3 Life Lessons I Learned by Volunteering

When was the last time you heard someone say they were excited to volunteer? Typically we see volunteering as a professional or moral obligation. Maybe we need to beef up our resume or increase our network. Maybe we simply feel grateful (or guilty) for privilege we possess and think we should give back.Continue Reading

ServiceWorks: Remembering September 11

It may be 15 years since the attacks, but that does not mean that the sting of the day has gone away. This past September 11 weekend helped me understand more of what happened and how New Yorkers have turned that day around to help others in their communities.Continue Reading

Celebrate AmeriCorps Week with Us

All week, AmeriCorps members around the nation will be celebrating “wearing the A,” meaning we wear our AmeriCorps badges and polos proudly in service to America. AmeriCorps Week is recognized nationally from March 7-11. During this time, we celebrate that we serve, reflect on why we serve, and join in community with other AmeriCorps members. Continue Reading