Order Campaign Materials Online - United Way of Greater St. Louis

Now, your company can custom order your campaign materials, and have them delivered directly to you on the delivery date you choose.

This process is designed to allow you to get the materials you need when you need them and reduce waste.


1) Go to the distributor’s website and login using your company’s account number. (This number was provided via email to your Employee Campaign Coordinator(s). If you did not receive your account number, please send an email to uwgsleccinsider@stl.unitedway.org.)

2) Verify the shipping information on the first page. The default is your company’s main address.

  • If the address shown is where you’d like to receive the delivery, select “Ship to Ordered By” and press “Submit.” (This box is checked by default.)
  • To ship to a different address, uncheck “Ship to Ordered By” and press “Submit.” You will be prompted to fill out the shipping information for this order.

3) Select your “Need By Date.” Orders should be placed at least 10 working days before you need the materials. Materials will be delivered the week before your selected date.

4) Choose your materials by entering the quantity of each item you’d like to order. Click on “Previous Orders” to see your company’s 2016 order. You can use this to help determine how many of each item you may need.

  • One 2017 Campaign Video DVD will be automatically shipped with your first order. You can order more than one, if needed. If you prefer, you can stream or download the video.
  • There are three stories in our campaign video but only two posters. “Fighting for Families: Monolito’s story” is on the back of the other two, “Fighting for Independence: Charles’ Story” and “Fighting Heroin.” We suggest ordering a few of each to give you a variety of images.

5) Check out once you have selected all items. You’re done!

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are available to ship?

All of our standard campaign materials are available to order, including: brochures, posters featuring our video stars, pledge cards, payroll deduction summary cards, and report envelopes.

How do I get other materials I need, such as DVDs?

One DVD will be mailed to your company’s Employee Campaign Coordinator. You can also download the video on our website.

If there are materials you need, that are not listed on this order form, contact your United Way staff person, or visit the Campaign Materials section of Campaign HQ to download materials.

How do I change the address to send the materials?

After you log in to the site, you will be asked to confirm or change your shipping information. If the shipping information is different, uncheck “Ship To Ordered By” and press Submit, you will be prompted to fill out the new shipping information for your order.

What happens if I don’t complete my order form?

United Way will send out several follow-up emails reminding you to complete your order form, if you have not done so already. We want to ensure that you receive your materials when you need them.

Will I still have a campaign representative help me with my campaign planning?

Yes, you will still have support from United Way staff or a Campaign Representative to help with your campaign planning. If you are unsure who your contact person is, please email uwgsleccinsider@stl.unitedway.org to request that information.