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To ensure quality, agencies funded by United Way and through partner programs are required to report on activities and outcomes on a regular basis.

The reporting process creates accountability to donors and the community, provides data and information for evaluation and bench marking, and facilitates knowledge sharing.

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Funding Opportunities

A strong community has a system of quality agencies that are available to help people.

United Way provides ongoing, operational funding to more than 170 member agencies, and funds member and non-member agencies through one-time Community Enhancement grants and emergency food and shelter funding.

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The partnership between United Way and its member agencies can have powerful marketing and fundraising results for all of us.

In particular, we believe that co-branding is critical to the success of the United Way campaign. This portal provides requirements, tools and reporting features for co-branding.

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Volunteer Management Resources

United Way’s Volunteer Center provides a variety of volunteer management resources to local non-profits.

These resources include volunteer management training, best practice libraries, and tools to recruit and manage volunteers. Learn more about the available resources, as well as how to become a Volunteer Center Certified agency.

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United Way works closely with partner agencies to ensure that donations are carefully and thoughtfully put to good use to help the most people.

Each year, hundreds of dedicated volunteers make important allocation decisions that impact us all and help make our region a better place to live and work.

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Frequently Used Resources

Below you will find frequently used resources for United Way-funded agencies, available for download.