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Happy Father’s Day: Celebrating All Fathers

In recognition of Father’s Day, United Way is honoring fathers, grandfathers and father-figures everywhere. We’ve rounded up a few inspirational stories featuring men who, with the help of United Way supported agencies, have earned a spot in the Fathers Hall of Fame! You’ll learn about all kind of fathers – from a young man stricken with ALS who’s determined to be a dedicated dad, to a father of three who turned a streak of bad luck into an opportunity to open a business that now supports his family.

To fathers everywhere: happy Father’s Day!



Steven was like any other young man enjoying life, when at 32 years old he was diagnosed with ALS, a fatal illness. Find out how Steven, with the help of a United Way supported agency tapped into his courage to persevere and stay focused on being a great dad to his 5-year-old son.

Meet Steven



Charlie was only 72 hours old when it was discovered his iris hadn’t formed properly, a condition known as Peters Anomaly. For some it causes blurred vision, but for others like Charlie, blindness. Find out how John, Charlie’s dad, went into action to get his son the services he needed with the help of a United Way partner agency.

Meet John



Carlos grew up in less than ideal surroundings that left him without a solid blueprint of how to be a responsible man, let alone father. His life came to a tipping point after being charged with a felony for unpaid child support that led to job loss. Find out how Father’s Support Center helped Carlos get back on track in his life and with his two children.

Meet Carlos



Justin, a husband and father of three was facing eviction after losing his job due to illness. Find out how Society of St. Vincent de Paul helped him get back on his feet and become his own boss so his family could move forward.

Meet Justin



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