September 2015 - United Way of Greater St. Louis

Why Give?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This basic principle is one that I constantly remind myself. But how does it relate to giving?Continue Reading

5 Habits to Kick Start Your Morning

When it comes to mornings, what’s important to you? Maybe it’s checking your emails or Twitter, making a cup of joe to go with your bagel or just getting out the door on time. A productive day starts with a strong morning, and a strong morning starts with routine. Routines don’t have to be boring or full of sacrifice. Here are five small actions that take 15 minutes or less that will help kick start your day in a big way: Continue Reading

5 Tips for Raising Compassionate Kids

Raising a child is no easy task and teaching them how to be kind can feel even more challenging. No matter your family environment, it’s never too early to cultivate a child’s compassion for others. Using Making Caring Common Project’s research on raising ethical and caring children, we’ve created a list of five ways you can foster kindness and empathy in your children.Continue Reading

5 Things Your $10 Gift Can Provide

A successful community relies on strong building blocks. With your investment through United Way, big or small, you create opportunities for people in our region to live their best possible lives. Your commitment is more than a gift. It’s a united way for thousands of people to join together and elevate your community and the entire St. Louis region. A $10 donation can provide:Continue Reading

5 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Active & Engaged

Keeping your mind and body in check is important during any stage of life but is even more so as we age. Boredom and isolation are common complaints among older adults whose health can limit their mobility and ultimately lead to depression.

There are many ways to help encourage those in your care to live their best possible lives dependent on their abilities and needs, here are just a few:Continue Reading