August 2015 - United Way of Greater St. Louis

5 Surprising Truths About Our Region

Many families in our region have long struggled to meet basic food, clothing and housing needs. But with the economic downturn in 2008 and its lasting effects, more people have had difficulty providing for themselves and their families. Children are going to bed with empty stomachs. Parents are waking up without jobs. Seniors are deciding between paying for their medicine or paying their utility bills.

There are many staggering truths about our region by the numbers, here are five:Continue Reading

5 Fun Ways to Support United Way

Our 2015 campaign is just around the corner, officially kicking off September 8. We invite you to help us celebrate this exciting time with events featuring something for everyone. No matter if you’re a movie lover, sports fan, fashionista or foodie, we’ve got you covered!Continue Reading

How to Brighten Someone’s Day

Lunchtime during my childhood went something like this: grab my Lisa Frank lunchbox, snag a spot next to my best friend, pull out my perfectly crafted PB&J sandwich (thanks, mom!) and whatever other goodies I might have that day. But, more important to me than the perfect sandwich or fun-sized candy bar was something much simpler – a note from mom. Continue Reading

5 Ways Giving Pays You Back

More than likely, you’ve heard that giving increases happiness, and the happier one is the more one tends to give. In fact, the Harvard Business School put this to the test and found it to be true. They also discovered that the benefits of giving go beyond just making you feel good – it can benefit your psychological, physical and emotional well-being. With America giving more than $335 billion in 2013, we think givers are onto something. Here are five lesser-known benefits of giving to charity.Continue Reading

What Kindergarten Teachers Wish Parents Knew

What determines a child’s success in kindergarten goes well beyond the school’s door. The skills and tools necessary are just as important for a child to practice at home as they are at school. To gain a better understanding of what these skills are, we asked several teachers and instructors of United Way funded agencies what kindergarten teachers wish parents knew.Continue Reading

Meet a Little Donor with a Big Heart

Recently we received word about Brielle, a big-hearted, little girl who wanted to “help people” through United Way rather than receive gifts for her birthday this year. All in all, she raised nearly $200. Did we mention she’s only 6 years old?

We had the privilege to snag a few minutes of this active youngster’s time to get her thoughts on philanthropy, employment and her contribution to science – typical 6-year-old stuff.Continue Reading

5 Ways to Reduce Your Stress Level

School is just around the corner bringing another year of driving to practice, making daily lunches, helping with homework and more. Getting back into the grind of things after a relaxing summer can be difficult and raise the question: how can I do it all without reaching my breaking point?

Here are five simple, effective ways to start managing your stress today that will ultimately help lead to a healthier lifestyle:Continue Reading

Become a GenNext Steering Committee Member

GenNext is accepting applications for the 2016 Steering Committee. Ideal candidates will: Possess a lot of energy with a passion for volunteering. Have volunteered with GenNext before, preferably more than once. Help recruit new GenNext members – the more the merrier! To apply, complete…Continue Reading