May 2015 - United Way of Greater St. Louis

5 Powerful Life Lessons Kids Learn by Volunteering

Community service and volunteering provides a great way for children of all ages to gain important life skills while learning to put others first, especially in today’s society where “me” is often times the focus. “Volunteering provides a way for friends and family to make a difference together and have fun in the process,” said United Way of Greater St. Louis’ Volunteer Center vice president Rick Skinner. Here are five important life lessons kids learn through the joy of helping others:Continue Reading

Your Guide to Family Fun in St. Louis

Pack purpose and fun into your family’s summer this year, and make it count with one of the hundreds of opportunities available through STLVolunteer’s Summer Volunteering Guide. Beautify City Hall with flowers, make birthday cards for teens who are homeless, serve meals to seniors and more.Continue Reading

5 Ways to Give Back with Your Family

When it comes to kids, it’s never too early to instill the importance of philanthropy and paying it forward. Help children see their valuable role in bettering our community, not only for their futures but others as well. We’ve come up with five ways to help show kids all the good they can do and the fun they can have while doing it, too. Continue Reading

Grow Your Savings with this Simple Worksheet

Plain and simple: chances are you’re losing money. While your big expenses – housing, utilities, food, car payments, general debt – cannot simply go away, there are smaller things we tend to mindlessly spend on that are wants, not needs. Totaling all these expenses will provide you with a realistic number to determine just how much you are able to save. By making a few changes to your everyday life, you can stash away a bit more cash over the course of a year.Continue Reading