National Volunteer Week | #WhyIGiveTime

#WhyIGiveTime: Share Your Story

We all know that volunteering can have a positive impact on the people, organizations and communities we serve – but beyond altruistic motivations, people volunteer for a lot of other great reasons, too. Whether it is to strengthen the community, learn new skills, improve your health or just meet new people, your reasons for volunteering can be just as unique as you.

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, we want to hear what motivates you to give your time to others. Do you volunteer…

  • To help others?
  • For fun?
  • To be challenged?
  • To gain career experience?
  • To feel good about yourself?
  • To find a purpose?
  • To get involved in your community?
  • To make a difference for a cause you love?
  • To meet new people?
  • To learn new skills?

Send a tweet, write a Facebook post, or share a photo on Instagram and share why you volunteer using the hashtag #WhyIGiveTime. Throughout the week, we’ll showcase our favorite #WhyIGiveTime posts and share what motivates the St. Louis region to give back.

Everyone has something to give, and we all might do it for different reasons. The important part is that we discover and demonstrate that together we can make a difference.

Feeling motivated to give back, now? Find a volunteer opportunity close to home on

Emily Knippa

Emily Knippa is the content marketing manager in the Marketing and Communications Department of United Way of Greater St. Louis.

Comments (5)

  1. Pam Reale says:

    I love to volunteer because there is always someone out there that just needs to have a smile or a hug to let them know that they are special people too. Besides I could use a hug back myself sometimes. I also like to encourage them on their own strengths to be a help to someone else in need. I think people would be pleasantly surprised on how much the people they think they are helping give more back than we can even imagine just by being so thankful.

    • Emily McNew says:

      Wow, what a wonderful answer, Pam! Thank you so much for sharing – and for being generous with your time to help others.

  2. Vicki says:

    My siberian husky and I started visiting a family member in a nursing home 8 years ago. It was so rewarding to watch both the residents and employees light up as we visited. My dog is very soft with big blue eyes. He gently puts his head in their lap and looks warmly at everyone. We did a lot of training and now make monthly visits to hospice patients and volunteer at a kids camp for berevement through BJC. It has been very rewarding and I love to do things with him.

    • Emily McNew says:

      What a great way to share the love that our furry friends are so eager to give, and I bet he loves it too 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Vicki!

    • Natasha Sakovich says:

      Wow that is such a great volunteer story, Vicki! I can picture it now with his adorable loving look to all of those he lifts up. How cool!

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