March 2015 - United Way of Greater St. Louis

The Importance of Finding Your Passion and Purpose

“Everyone has a purpose.”

We were on the car ride back from a day of agency tours when Suzanne Sitherwood, United Way of Greater St. Louis’ 2015 campaign chair, said these words. And when she did, I immediately made a mental note: blog post, and whispered it to Orv Kimbrough seated next to me. Based off his reciprocated smile and the way he reached for his phone, I could tell we had the same idea. Continue Reading

7 Meaningful Summer Camps for Kids

Summer is the perfect time for allowing your child to engage in free play – exploring the outdoors and feeding their imaginations. But it’s also the ideal time to give them the opportunity to discover new hobbies, engage with other youth their age and develop independence. Make this summer a valuable one for your child’s educational, physical and social well-being. Here to help is a one-stop-shop of day, overnight and weekend getaways available to your little camper through United Way of Greater St. Louis supported agencies.Continue Reading

5 Ways Play Promotes Child Development

Unscheduled, unsupervised playtime is one of the most valuable educational opportunities a child can be given. The benefits of play can be seen in all areas of a child’s life from social and physical growth to cognitive and educational development. Facilitating thinking in young children and allowing them to initiate activities instead of adult-led, structured activities is essential to their growth and development. Here are five specific ways play positively contributes to a child’s overall success.Continue Reading

How Giving to Charity Benefits You

More than likely, you’ve heard that giving increases happiness, and the happier one is the more one tends to give. In fact, the Harvard Business School put this to the test and found it to be true. They also discovered that the benefits of giving go beyond just making you feel good – it can benefit your psychological, physical and emotional well-being. With America giving more than $335 billion in 2013, we think givers are onto something. Here are five lesser-known ways donating is so beneficial.Continue Reading