February 2015 - United Way of Greater St. Louis

Debra’s Story

After the devastating toll a tornado took on their new home, 60-year-old Debra and her 19-year-old daughter turned to four United Way supported agencies for the resources necessary to rebuild their lives.Continue Reading

One Family Habit that Can Make All the Difference

Believe it or not, it starts at the dinner table.

Studies show families that do not participate in regular family meals have children that are more likely to give into peer pressures, experiment with drugs, drink alcohol, participate in theft, develop obesity and other eating disorders, have bad grades in school, and suffer from lack of self-esteem and experience teen pregnancy.Continue Reading

5 Things You Should Know About 2-1-1

February 11 was 2-1-1 Day, but we want to continue the celebration by raising even more awareness about this valuable resource. Haven’t heard of 2-1-1 before? To put it simply: 2-1-1 is a ready-to-go source for anyone who needs help. Sounds pretty awesome, right? We think so, too. Whether you’re searching for a childcare provider, looking to make a food donation or need utility assistance, check out our five reasons why 2-1-1 should be your go-to.Continue Reading

V-Day: A Day to Show You Care

We tend to think of Valentine’s Day as reserved for significant others. But why not take this day of love and caring as an opportunity to show all the special people in our lives – neighbors, friends, family, mentors – how much they truly mean? No matter if you have 5 minutes or 5 hours to spare today, reach out to those who may not expect it.Continue Reading

2-1-1 is Here to Help

February 11 is National 2-1-1 Day and a perfect time to remind loved ones about the resources available through United Way 2-1-1, as well as lawmakers, funders and community leaders why no one in the region can go without this critical resource. United…Continue Reading