January 2015 - United Way of Greater St. Louis

5 Reasons to Volunteer

Volunteering makes a substantial impact on the structure and well-being of the community, but is also beneficial for the volunteer as well. Here are some reasons to lend a helping hand – from career and relationships to health and happiness:Continue Reading

The Benefits of Organization

I consider myself to be a fairly organized person – at work and home. It’s refreshing to know that if I need something, I can almost reach for it with my eyes closed because I know exactly where it is. This saves me time and anxiety. But did you know de-cluttering your life can reap several other benefits? Continue Reading

Karrie’s Story

Karrie, born with Down syndrome, faced challenges in forming relationships and performing activities many take for granted every day. Her mother, Sue, brought her to YMCA of Southwest Illinois, a United Way supported agency, 11 years ago when they first moved to Collinsville. That seemingly simple decision was one that changed everything for Karrie.Continue Reading