November 2014 - United Way of Greater St. Louis

Mechelle’s Story

After more than 25 years of drug abuse, life on the streets and time in prison, Mechelle knew a change had to be made. Today, because of the help of United Way supported YWCA, Mechelle’s living the life she thought she’d never have – one full of happiness, health and the desire to help others.Continue Reading

Top 10 Ways Volunteering with GenNext Benefits Postgrads

As a college student, the most daunting word thrown around during my senior year was “postgrad.” That one little word generated a list of anxiety-ridden questions in my collegiate mind. What does the big, bad abyss of adulthood entail for me? Is life still fun after college? How do you meet new people in postgrad life? Thankfully, I turned to GenNext and volunteering to answer some of these questions.Continue Reading