March 2014 - United Way of Greater St. Louis

United Way 2-1-1: Changing Lives Everyday

With a soothing voice, United Way 2-1-1 Call Center Agent George West answers the phone. A middle-aged woman explains her situation through sobs. Her husband abused her. For years she dismissed it, hoped it would stop, but it never did. She needed out but had…Continue Reading

Stress and 8 Ways to Manage It

“I’m stressed” is unfortunately a phrase commonly used in our bustling society. With the juggling of family, friends, relationships, work, finances, holidays and much more — how can we do it all without reaching our breaking point? Connie Fisher, the…Continue Reading

Wild Man Willie

Skydiving, bungee jumping and swimming with dolphins may sound like typical bucket list wishes, but for 42-year-old Willie, it’s just a way of life. With such an extensive list of adventurous experiences, one would never guess that Willie was born…Continue Reading

Chasing Well Done

By Orv Kimbrough Twenty years ago, the Church of England ordained the first female priest. Apple released the first Macintosh computer to use the new PowerPC Microprocessor. Whoopi Goldberg was both the first woman to solo host and the first…Continue Reading

Inkstand Writing Workshop

Are you a volunteer or veteran looking to expand your horizons and share your experiences through the power of writing? Washington University is providing a writing workshop, Inkstand, available to volunteers, veterans, public service professionals and all who serve who…Continue Reading

Making St. Louis History

By Abbey Lemons As I am sure all of you know by now, this year marks the 250th birthday of St. Louis. There have been so many exciting events to attend. Last month, I volunteered for the reenactment that took…Continue Reading