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Creating Conditions for Success

By Orv Kimbrough

I believe that we can create a community, a region, where all people regardless of their economic or social background have an opportunity to live their best possible lives because we’ve established the conditions from cradle to career and beyond through which success is possible.

Creating conditions for success is greater than just raising more dollars. While the dollars are important and a necessary element, one that we will focus significant energy on, there is much more to the success equation. Let us as a region determine what our success equation looks like for all people. Let us as individuals take ownership in redefining our future. I have heard it said, all things being equal, that the past is a good predictor of the future. All things don’t have to be equal or status quo. We can dream new dreams. We can hope for better lives and we can invest the sweat equity to make it happen. Let us challenge those who have set their personal expectations too low, or those who place narrowly confined borders around what is possible.

Imagination: the ability to form a picture in your mind of something that you have not seen or experienced; the ability to think of new things

I am proud of our board leadership for their imagination in adopting a new mission statement. We move into the next chapter recommitted to the success of this region.

Our mission:

United Way of Greater St. Louis mobilizes the community with one goal in mind: helping people live their best possible lives.

Thank you for helping people with us.

Orvin Kimbrough


Orv Kimbrough serves as President and CEO for United Way of Greater St. Louis. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.




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