Imagine a day when all children and youth within the Greater East St. Louis community are supported – physically, intellectually, emotionally – and ready by 21 for success in school, work and life.

Click to view the full report.

Click to view the full report.

East Side Aligned formed to create the conditions that will prepare every child for success through aligning and advancing policy, practice and investment across sectors.

Lasting solutions are born and bred when organizations – including those in government, civil society, and the business sector – coordinate their efforts around a clearly defined goal. Collective Impact is a distinct departure from the current paradigm of “isolated impact.” Its underlying premise is that no single organization can create large scale, lasting social change alone.

East Side Aligned is using the Ready by 21 Collective Impact framework to guide its efforts.

Interested in creating lasting solutions for children and youth in Greater East St. Louis? Please use our contact form below to send us your information or reach out to the Director of East Side Aligned at

Want to know who’s already on board? Check out our Alignment Council roster to see the leaders of the East Side Aligned Collective Impact effort.

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