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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Anyone who has ever been involved with a sports team, performance company, or just professional work environment has surely been forced outside of their comfort zone at some point in time. Mentors, coaches, bosses, and parents (especially parents) force us to push ourselves and expand our mind and bodies. Continue Reading

Take Time to Make Time

In a perfect world, we could do all of the above with time to spare. However, I’ve learned that time is our most valuable resource. You cannot buy more time. You can only spend your time more wisely.Continue Reading

GenNext for the Next Generation

GenNext is the next generation of young professionals who contribute to and give back to the community with the goal to make St. Louis a better place.

Last year my wife and I welcomed our own “next generation” into the world when our daughter was born…Continue Reading

Why Give?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This basic principle is one that I constantly remind myself. But how does it relate to giving?Continue Reading

Become a GenNext Steering Committee Member

GenNext is accepting applications for the 2016 Steering Committee. Ideal candidates will: Possess a lot of energy with a passion for volunteering. Have volunteered with GenNext before, preferably more than once. Help recruit new GenNext members – the more the merrier! To apply, complete…Continue Reading

GenNext: My Favorite Thing

Sing to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music

Binging on Netflix and Rooster for Brunch
Hanging with roommates and Bread Co for lunch
Half-marathon tennies with tightly-tied strings
These are a few of my favorite things…Continue Reading

The Man in the Arena

The fear of failure and rejection are uncomfortable but necessary feelings to experience in order to wholly live out your personal and professional life. If you’re anything like me, almost everything you care for involves the necessary risk of failure and rejection. I’m captivated by innovation and creativity. There is a certain allure in being able to create something new and unique. However, that attraction carries the heavy burden and undeniable risk of personal failure. Continue Reading

Leading a Purposeful Life

By Courtney Schien One of my friends once told me, “Your life is not just about you,” and that message really stuck with me. I’m sad to say that it hadn’t occurred to me at that point in time that…Continue Reading