How to Say Thank You - United Way of Greater St. Louis

After a successful campaign, it’s very important to say “thank you” to all the employees who helped make your campaign a success. People want to feel appreciated when they have done something positive and helping the community by giving to the United Way is no exception.

Some ways to say thanks:

  • Show the impact of their gifts. Show a United Way thank you video or email a link to the impact calculator
  • Hold a thank you breakfast or lunch
  • Highlight contributor(s) on the intranet or in a newsletter.
  • Send candy grams (e.g. pack of gum “Thanks for chewzing to give!” or Dove Promise “Your promise will change lives!”)
  • Request a United Way speaker to come and say thanks.
  • Continue to show the impact. A United Way donation keeps giving throughout the year. Communicate simple messages, stories or links throughout the year so the donor can feel good that their gift is helping all year long.