You are helping people.

You are helping people.

When you give to United Way, people are helped.

You already know that. What you may not know is your gift goes much deeper and helps on so many levels.

You are helping now.

People need food and shelter. They need clothing and a safe place to stay. These are basic needs, and everyone should have access to them.

Sometimes it’s a matter of life and death, and sometimes it’s a matter of one meal or a safe place to stay to get someone on the road to recovery.

Either way, your support helps when basic needs aren’t so basic.

You are building a better tomorrow.

Part of helping people live their best possible lives is providing the building blocks to a good quality life.

Basic needs, education, financial stability, health and strong communities are crucial for people to thrive and reach their full potential.

With these pillars in place, we can focus on building a better tomorrow.

You help causes that matter to you.

Autism. Disaster relief. Child abuse prevention. United Way helps people throughout our region with these issues and more. Our difference? Instead of focusing on one single cause or issue, we support hundreds of causes to help the community as a whole.

We know that the solution to one crisis can drive the solution to another. So, we partner with other great organizations to make the biggest possible impact – independently, and in partnership with each other.

You make our community better.

You love it here, and so do we. In truly great communities, people take care of each other and invest in resources the community needs. When you help through United Way, you are helping make our community stronger, healthier and better place for all of us.

Through the incredible reach of United Way, your donation touches the lives of one in every three people in our community.

See the stories of people we've helped.

Thank you for helping so that people like Tommy, Darius and Charlie can find the support they need.

Because of United Way, With your help, Darius is dreaming of a brighter future,
Tommy can find the motivation to keep fighting, and Charlie can do anything he wants to. Hear their stories in our 2016 campaign video.