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Call for Submissions: 100 Neediest Cases Art Competition

For more than 20 years, St. Louis area high school students have been using their artistic talent and skills to bring awareness to families in need through United Way’s 100 Neediest Cases program.

Dating back to the 1900s, 100 Neediest Cases is an annual initiative that helps more than 10,000 families and individuals in need through a partnership with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and support of dozens of local nonprofits. In conjunction with the program, United Way and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch host an art competition among students from high schools, colleges and universities around the region to bring additional depth to the stories of families in need that are featured in the newspaper.

Following the competition, a first place winner and the remaining top 40 illustrations will be eligible for publication in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Do you know a student who can use their talent to help people this holiday season?

Download the submission form and review the guidelines below. All entries must be received by 5 p.m., Wednesday, October 25. Good luck!


Any Missouri or Illinois college/university, high school or home school student may submit an original illustration.  Enrollment in an art course is not required.


Each group of cases that appears in the paper depicts a particular area of need: sick children, unemployment, single parents, the elderly, chronic and terminal illness, homelessness, large families, disabled and general poverty conditions. Artwork can depict one or more topics, including hope or promise, but is not limited to these subjects. Art depicting drug and/or alcohol abuse may not be chosen to be printed in the Post-Dispatch or used online. Though the competition is not restricted to students with exceptional talent, instructors and parents should encourage each participant to create artwork that he/she would be proud to display.


There will be three winners: first place and two honorable mentions.  There will be a certificate award given to the top three winners.


Artwork must be original.  Any reproductions of previously published photos or artwork will be disqualified.  Computerized artwork is prohibited.  No photocopies will be accepted.


Submit an original illustration matted on a display board (if not already) no larger than 12” x 15” horizontal or vertical.  Any artwork larger than 12” x 15” (including mat) will be disqualified.  We must have enough space at the bottom of either the mat or board to place a 1” x 3” label.  We encourage you to put artwork on black matting or board.  Attach entry form to the upper right-hander corner on back of the matted entry.  Only one entry per category per student will be accepted.  Do not coat artwork in plastic.


Judging will be based on content, originality, creativity, interpretation of subject matter and design.  The judges’ panel will be comprised of local artists and instructors.  Since winning illustration artwork may be used in the Post-Dispatch, special criteria regarding newspaper reproduction will be considered in judging illustration artwork.  Generally, line work such as pen and ink, stippling, crosshatch, etc. reproduces well. Dark, heavy areas of shaded modeling in charcoal or pencil do not.  Avoid using color schemes that have subtle variations or that appear muddy.


The deadline for entries is 5 p.m., Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  Please deliver illustration artwork to 100 Neediest Cases Office, United Way Greater St. Louis, 910 North 11th Street, St. Louis, MO 63101.


The top three (3) winners will be notified mid-November, 2017.  These winning illustrations and the remaining top 40 illustration entries will be eligible for publication in the Post-Dispatch along with the 100 Neediest Case stories.  All entrants will receive a certificate of appreciation.


Teachers may retrieve their artwork from the United Way office (see address above) between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. after December 11, 2017.


For more information, call Judy Roark at 314-539-4020.


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